Integrity first, quality excellence, service intimate


Company Vision

Casting the brand with quality, becoming the national advanced generator set manufacturer

Company mission

Our company is born to solve the power problem and provide you with power protection. Through the high quality and excellent service, let the power spread all over the world!

 Team spirit

Cohesion produces strength, unity and birth hope! In the future, we will definitely thank ourselves for fighting now!


Team principle

In a team, always remind yourself to improve your learning. Only by constantly enriching and arming yourself can you make your role in the team bigger, but also know how to care for the rest of the team and the team atmosphere and feelings. The efficiency of the team. To be tolerant of others' mistakes is not to be harsh, to treat yourself more rigorously, to always restrain and reflect on yourself, and to correct their own deficiencies. In the team, the most important thing is communication, to develop the habit of communication, to avoid misunderstandings and suspicions within the team. When communication becomes a habit of everyone, the team will be more harmonious.